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Nintendo Switch campaign showcases its different uses with Emma Watkins

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Nintendo Switch campaign showcases its different uses with Emma Watkins

Nintendo Switch

Singer, dancer, and all-round talented former Wiggle Emma Watkins stars in the latest Nintendo Switch spot. 

In the new campaign from the gaming giant, Emma Watkins shows off how much a Nintendo Switch is integrated into her busy lifestyle. From chilling out with Ring Fit Adventure at the end of a long day, through to playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pikmin 4 with her family members, the Nintendo Switch seems to have it all.

First launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has since been a staple in the suite of Nintendo consoles. From games through to encouraging being active, its latest campaign shows that this is much more than just about gaming. 

Emma Watkins as the face of Nintendo Switch

With her upcoming feature in Celebrity Amazing Race, Watkins is ready to show off her competitive edge. So battling her sister in the Nintendo games battleground just made sense.

An avid fan of Nintendo Switch, Watkins says, “It’s been such a thrill to partner with Nintendo Australia for this campaign and show how these games, and Nintendo Switch, form a part of my home routine and help me to relax and unwind by myself and with family. Sharing the fun with my husband and sister has been great too!”

The commercials also feature Emma’s sister, Hayley Watkins, and her husband, Oliver Brian, in supporting roles. The first TV commercial, featuring Ring Fit Adventure and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is out now.

First rising to prominence on Australian screens as she became a member of The Wiggles, Watkins star continues to rise as her passion for movement and bodily expression has expanded into an interest in sign language. Watkins has worked on spreading awareness of Australia’s deaf community since she was young, and has learnt Auslan in recent years, completing her Diploma of Auslan (Australian Sign Language). She is currently studying a Diploma in Interpreting at Deaf Connect and her PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, focusing on the affective, artistic integrations of sign language, dance and film editing.

Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh is the Managing Editor of Niche Media.

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